Creating the Perfect Ad

Toyota RAV4 Adventure Launch Campaign

How do you design an ad that speaks to everyone with a driver’s license? The perfect ad. It sounds impossible, but that’s exactly what we had to do for the All-New 2019 RAV4 social campaign.

Instead of focusing on one, Toyota decided to launch 3 unique models. These new RAV4's would be specifically designed to tackle whatever spontaneous adventure you take. 


(Limited, Hybrid, and Adventure Grade)


Our Challenge

We knew we had to speak to everyone so all we had to do was show the right RAV4 to the right person and – Boom! Perfect ad. Right? Nope.

Turns out the common approach wouldn’t work here. The target’s too big. Interests too similar. And way different people seemingly wanted the same thing.


Our Approach

We all know you’ll remember a story better if it relates to your actual life. So while seeing adventures inspires, something else makes them relatable. Who’s coming along is as important as where you're headed. Are you with your friends or your family? Is it you and your spouse? Do you have a child?

We were able to create a flexible video model that could be personalized against the life stage of the driver so the story would be more relatable. In a seamless way, every story is able to be personalized around three different life stages. Single, married, and family.

When you combine family dynamics with the interests of our target, we would deliver the appropriate video. For example, say you were single and into sports, you would get an ad like this –

But if you were married and wanted a vehicle with more performance you would get a video like this –

And finally, if you had a family and wanted a more adventurous vehicle you would see this –

We created over 860 unique pieces of content. A different version for every platform's unique needs. All from only 9 unique stories, at about the price of 2 TV spots.


The Results

When the personalized life stage creative aligned with the audience, we saw significantly better results. In the end, we saw 4 times the lift for driving consideration compared to running traditional approaches to the same ads.




Agency Saatchi & Saatchi LA
ECD Chris Pierantozzi
Creative Director Jeremy Carson
ACD Writer Amadeus Henhapl
Copywriter Tess Maguire
Senior Art Director Raj Gupta
Producer Claudia Barreda