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Walmart has over 170 million people visiting one of their 6000+ store locations each month. While that’s a lot of people shopping in-stores, many don't realize they can also shop using one of Walmart's online services from the comfort of their home with the Walmart app.

With the potential to turn these in-store shoppers into online shoppers, they came to us to help change the perception that Walmart is only a big box store.


Our Approach

Walmart has a lot of data based on their customers' shopping habits. From what they like to buy, to when, and how they shop. With this useful information, we were able to plan a campaign around these behaviors to customize a personalized message that we knew would get viewers' attention.

We developed a digital campaign to show just how quick and easy using one of Walmart's services, so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy. A series of highly-target, data-driven and completely dynamic videos. Each video is customized specifically around what product and feature would best suit your needs.

Here are just three of over 1100 custom videos.

How we did it

Each video is made up of multiple clips which included a product, a family moment, the service, and the benefit all stitched together in one seamless video creating over a million personalized ads. Oh, and all for the price of one TV spot.



The Results

We exceeded all expectations by having over 35 million people or over 10% of the US population install the app. Showing people a new side of Walmart and a quicker and easier way to shop online.




Agency Saatchi & Saatchi LA
ECD Chris Pierantozzi
Creative Director Jake Mikosh
ACD Writer Amadeus Henhapl
Copywriter Al Duggan
Art Director Jonathan Marquez