Toyota C-HR Launch Campaign

Toyota C-HR Launch Campaign

Toyota was launching the all-new C-HR which happens to be a whole different vehicle in their line-up. This vehicle was born out of an unexpected approach to their normal design philosophy both in style and engineering.

Because of this, they wanted the campaign to reflect the unexpected and playful nature the C-HR was created from.


To Launch the C-HR we wanted to show off its playful side. So what better way to show Toyota doesn’t take itself too seriously than to partner with Bad Lip Reader and have some fun with our ads. We used data tracking to targeted specific audiences who had already seen the regular commercials and served them one of the many Bad Lip Reading videos poking fun of itself.


Facebook Canvas

In addition to the Bad Lip Reading videos, we also created several other components such as Facebook Canvas ads to targeted those further down the purchase funnel who were interested in learning more about the new C-HR.


These purpose units provided more information about the features and give more background on how the C-HR came to be through interviews with the lead engineer and designer.


Vertical Videos

We also developed and designed a series of vertical videos based on the print executions by being them to life through playful animation. These were designed for placements such as SnapChat and Instagram stories where the attention span is pretty short so we had to make sure movement was limited.



Agency Saatchi & Saatchi LA
Creative Director Chris Pierantozzi
Copy Tal Wagman