Toyota Super Off Road

Toyota was coming out with a new Pro off-road series of trucks called TRD Pro. They wanted us to introduce it in a unique way that would appeal to their audience at the auto show unveiling.

We created a video game to give hardcore off-road fans something to do at auto shows, other than mindlessly ogle cars. So yeah, mindlessly play video games.


Our target audience grew up playing the classic Super Off-Road in arcades. And lucky for us, the main truck was obviously a Toyota. So we decided to upgrade the game with the ultimate off-road vehicles.

We kept the classic look and feel of the game while at the same time making it easy to play on all mobile devices since it was built for the web. 


To help talk about the features we turned them into power-ups in the game. This way not only did players have fun play the nostalgic game but learn about what new items these vehicles were equipped with.



Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi LA
Creative Director: Seth Rementer
Copy: Anthony Brooks