Toyota Corolla Touch Drive

Toyota was launching a complete redesign of their popular Corolla and wanted us to find a way to connect with a younger audience that tends to avoid dealerships.

Turns out they don’t like test driving cars because of the high-pressure sales tactics found inside the dealership. So we moved the test drive somewhere: onto the smartphone.


Our Approach

The Corolla Touch Drive elevates the car shopping process through a first-to-market mobile experience, allowing you to explore the vehicle anytime, anywhere, without the pressure of a dealership – essentially, a test drive in the palm of your hand.


We learned most car buyers have no understanding of trims and packages they were looking for. So going through the Touch Drive and learning about all the features you're able to like the ones you want.


The Results

Without the pressure of the dealership and the ability to shop whenever wherever we saw over 250,000 users within the first 3 months spending over 3 minutes per drive. In addition, we saw 30% more mobile shoppers.




Agency Saatchi & Saatchi LA
Creative Director Seth Rementer
Copy Ben Tom George