Castor Design GigaShelf

Castor GigaShelf

Castor is a Canadian furniture studio that designs innovative, slightly irreverent work in which they salvage materials such as burnt out light bulbs and old shipping containers. They also tend to find inspiration from the good old great white north, also known as Canada.



They wanted a website to reflect their core brand of being irreverent and show where they get their inspiration from. So, we created the GigaShelf - a billion-pixel image of a shelf. Yep, a shelf. The largest photo of a shelf ever.


All the items on the shelf were collected from the working studio and used to tell the story of where Castor finds their inspiration for some of the unique pieces in their collection.


Scaling Approach

For the mobile site, we wanted to bring the same feeling of scale so we made the shelves actual size. By using the accelerometer and gyroscope of the device we were able to make the users phone or tablet a live window of the shelves for which they could navigate.



Agency Taxi 2
Creative Director Lance Martin
Copy Mike Blackmore
Photography Derek Shapton
Developer Mike Balders